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Y-3 Collaborates With Virgin Galactic on Astronaut Apparel

The future is here, folks.
Photo: Y-3

Photo: Y-3

Since long before the "athleisure" craze swept over the industry, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has provided shoppers with directional, futuristic sportswear through his Y-3 line, created in partnership with Adidas. Known the world over for his influence and innovation, he's never been one to simply follow trends — rather, his conceptual designs are often so ahead-of-the-curve that it takes others ages to catch up. So, it seems fitting that Virgin Galactic — the first-ever commercial space line — has turned to Y-3 to help create the high-tech apparel for its pilots, future astronauts and its operations team at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

On Thursday, images of the prototype flight-suit and boot were revealed, giving the world a glimpse at the collaborative effort between Y-3 and Virgin, who are working to develop this "intersection of fashion and space." The pieces are a result of extensive testing and trials to ensure proper functionality (the flight suit will be tailored to a pilot's natural seating position, for instance) and are made from specially engineered materials. In addition, the two companies created a jacket to be distributed to the astronauts, or the passengers on Virgin Galactic's upcoming commercial space flights. The future is here, folks.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the fruits of Y-3 and Virgin's labor. Who knew space travel could be so stylish?

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