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Blue Ivy's Rainbow Jacket is the Real Winner of the Super Bowl

This child is too much.

On Saturday, the Internet exploded upon the surprise release of Beyoncé's new video for "Formation," an empowering and stylish clip that also featured a very rare Blue Ivy cameo. She stole the screen with her sass and adorable outfits that coordinated with her mom's — and when time came for Bey to perform at the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, the 4-year-old once again brought her fashion A game to the field. 

Thanks to an Instagram posted by Beyoncé's BFF Gwyneth Paltrow, we learned that Blue Ivy's Big Game attire consisted of a rainbow-colored, '80s-inspired mini windbreaker that perfectly coordinated with Coldplay's lighting design during the halftime show. Swag certainly runs in this family.

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