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Suzy Menkes, Wearing a Small Top Hat, Was the Low-Key Style Star of Natalia Vodianova's Fund Fair

A reminder that fashion is fun.
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Natalia Vodianova's Fabulous Fund Fair charity gala touched down in London on Saturday night, bringing out swarms of fashion people at the industry's busiest time of year. There was Ellen Von Unwerth, clad in a hot pink velvet suit; makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, known for her universally soothing YouTube videos; twinkly eyed Antoine Arnault (Bernard's son and Vodianova's partner); and so, so many supermodels including Karlie Kloss, who co-hosted the affair with Vodianova and re-emphasized her status as a budding businesswoman by wearing a floral suit. They all looked wonderful and very expensive. 

But as far as low-key amazing party dressing is concerned, Suzy Menkes had them all beat, wearing a red velvet jacket, a little top hat and carrying what appears to be a riding crop. Frankly, she looks like the most fun person at the event. So when preparing for your next theme party, we suggest you follow this internationally respected fashion critic's strategy: keep your outfit simple, then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

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