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Fashion Reality TV Stars: Where Are They Now?

"Justin Bobby" has his own hair-care line, for starters.
Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad during "The Hills" live finale party in New York in 2007. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad during "The Hills" live finale party in New York in 2007. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

The mid- to late-aughts were an unreasonably fantastic time for fashion-focused reality TV, though we probably don't have to tell you that. There was the slick, dramatic goodness of "The Hills," immediately followed by its even more stylized east coast sister program, "The City." Rachel Zoe coined the once-ubiquitous phrase "I die" on her Bravo show, "The Rachel Zoe Project," and Kelly Cutrone gave viewers an inside look at the demanding world of public relations on "Kell on Earth." On "NYC Prep," an Upper East Side empress interned for Carmen Marc Valvo, while "The Fashionista Diaries" featured a number of assistants with whom we now work on a daily basis.

The fervor for the genre may have died down since Lauren Conrad became a Pinterest maven (and Les Deux closed its doors forever), but our nostalgia for these programs is still strong. So in honor of New York Fashion Week, we did some research to figure out exactly what people like Stephanie Pratt and Jeremiah Brent are up to these days. So put on "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield and get ready for some surprises, like that Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia now has his own line of hair-care products.

Lauren Conrad

"Laguna Beach" (2004-2005); "The Hills" (2006-2010)

It's not like you need an update on the Girl Who Didn't Go to Paris, but here we go. After a four-year spell on MTV's "The Hills," Lauren Conrad decided to put her Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising education to work by showcasing her first-ever collection in 2008 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. The end result wasn't exactly a smash hit, but that didn't stop Conrad from launching two lines, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and Paper Crown (in 2009 and 2011, respectively), as well as an ethically sourced online marketplace called The Little Market in 2013. She made her triumphant Fashion Week return in New York last season, and we were there to analyze every last detail. Though sadly, she is absent from the fall 2016 schedule.

Trey Phillips

"Laguna Beach" (2004-2005)

You may remember Trey Phillips as one of Conrad's more ambitious high school friends. In addition to his love of board sports, he was passionate about both social activism and fashion — he even produced a runway show (consisting mostly of hats that he designed) to raise money after a landslide hit Orange County in 2005. Little did we know that he was on to bigger and better things within the industry: Phillips eventually landed at Parsons School of Design, and he's been working as an associate designer in-house at Vera Wang since 2010.

Whitney Port

"The Hills" (2006-2008); "The City" (2008-2010)

Whitney Port's fashion career trajectory was well-documented by the fine folks at MTV: She started as a pretty, pretty intern in the West Coast office of Teen Vogue (she went to Paris! She fell on "Good Morning America" in front of André Leon Talley!), which eventually parlayed into a paying gig. Shortly thereafter, she decided the editorial realm wasn't for her, and she "worked" in PR at both People's Revolution and Diane von Furstenberg. But, like many of the folks on this list, Port eventually realized she could use her fame to her advantage, leading her to start her own clothing line, Whitney Eve, which previously showed at NYFW. In addition, she's written a style and beauty book, runs an eponymous website and has achieved bona-fide "influencer" status on Instagram with over 1 million followers.

Stephanie Pratt

"The Hills" (2007-2010)

Stephanie Pratt, younger sister of human healing crystal Spencer Pratt, has remained tirelessly devoted to the reality television circuit since appearing on "The Hills." Several years ago, Pratt moved to London (where she seems to still live, according to Instagram) and made several appearances on "Made in Chelsea" and the UK spin off of "Celebrity Big Brother." In 2015, she released a memoir, "Made in Reality: From the Hills of L.A. to London's Made in Chelsea," which has garnered four out of five stars on Amazon. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll also learn that she designs for a London-based jewelry brand called "MeMe."

Emily Weiss

"The Hills" (2007)

We are 99 percent sure that we don't actually need to tell you what Emily Weiss is up to, but here's a refresher: After building her reputation as a "super intern" at both Chanel and Teen Vogue, Weiss cut her teeth as a fashion assistant at W magazine before decamping to assist power stylist Elissa Santisi. In 2010, she started a little site called Into the Gloss as a side hustle, which has since raised over $10 million in funding and launched its own cool-girl beauty product range, Glossier. You go, girl. 

Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia

"The Hills" (2007-2010)

Since the dude made his "The Hills" debut as Audrina Patridge's long-haired, mildly rude beau, Justin Bobby has kept himself busy in New York with roles that range from musician to model to hairdresser. (Lest you forget! He and Patridge met while he was a hairstylist for Maroon 5.) He launched a vegan, non-toxic hair care line in 2012, Brush by Justin Bobby Brescia, that includes shampoo, facial serum and something he refers to as "puck soap." You can also catch him as the vocalist and guitarist for a band called "BobbyrocK" that touts the following tagline: "Listen as Loud as They Do."

Roxy Olin

"The City" (2009-2010)

Remember Roxy Olin, Port's roommate and feisty People's Revolution colleague on "The City" (who also, if we remember correctly, had a penchant for chandelier earrings)? Well, she's still acting. Olin played series regular Michelle McGregor on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" from 2007-2011 and, according to IMDb, played someone/something named "Burned Serilda" on "Sleepy Hollow" in 2013. These days, she has an adorable dog who regularly lights up her Instagram feed.

Allie Crandell

"The City" (2008-2009)

During her stint on "The City," Allie Crandell was the budding young model who starred in several subplots revolving around the suspicion that she had an eating disorder. Seven years later, she's signed to Photogenics Media, an agency that reps such models as Barbara Fialho, Chloe Norgaard, Daphne Groeneveld and Kasia Struss. Interested parties can see her sporting serious side boob for Revolve Clothing, among other gigs.

Erin Lucas

"The City" (2008-2009)

Erin Lucas, who starred as Port's best friend on "The City" before Olin stepped in, is still the daughter of AC/DC bass guitarist Cliff Williams — which is how she got on the show in the first place, we're guessing. Until 2013, Lucas hosted a show called Sex & Relationships on Current TV. These days, she lives in Los Angeles and has what is quite possibly the most Los Angeles home ever (according to Instagram, of course).

Taylor Jacobson

"The Rachel Zoe Project" (2008-2009)

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Fans were shocked after Taylor Jacobson announced her departure from the Rachel Zoe styling team, and, if you recall, there was quite a bit of drama surrounding her exit, too. Remember, vaguely, how Zoe reportedly attempted to blacklist Jacobson for "leaving on her own terms?" Crazy, right?! Well, she's still styling, only now she's going at it solo and is repped by agency Atelier Management. She also has a blog called, and I quote, "Pillz and Thrillz" — and if you're ever in the mood for zany, zeitgeist-y memes, her Instagram is an absolute must-follow. 

Jordan Johnson

"The Rachel Zoe Project"

Rachel Zoe's former associate is still in the celebrity styling game, but she's set out on her own — well, with a partner, Jill Lincoln. The duo is signed by the Wall Group, and their client list is quite impressive, with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kiernan Shipka, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Garner among the ladies they regularly dress.

Brad Goreski

"The Rachel Zoe Project" (2008-2010)

What hasn't Brad Goreski been up to since he signed off from "The Zoe Project" in 2010? Well, the short list: He started a burgeoning styling business with clients that include Demi Moore, Rashida Jones and Jessica Alba. In 2012, he released a memoir, "Born to Be Brad," appeared in his own Bravo series "It's a Brad, Brad World" and was named the exclusive stylist of Kate Spade. In 2015, he made his debut as a "Fashion Police" co-host, and was tasked with relaunching preppy, mid-market retailer C. Wonder for QVC after Christopher Burch sold it. Uh, what else are we forgetting?

Joey Maalouf 

"The Rachel Zoe Project" (2011-2013)

Rachel Zoe's confidante and go-to hair stylist and makeup artist is still killing it in the beauty game, with a celebrity clientele that's well-documented on his Instagram page. Maalouf also recently founded The Glam App, which offers on-demand beauty services.

Jeremiah Brent

"The Rachel Zoe Project" (2011-2013)

Aw, Jeremiah Brent. How smokin' was he? The interior designer and decorator may have gotten his start on "The Zoe Project," but he now has his own firm in New York, and a beautiful baby girl, Poppy, with his husband of two years, fellow interior designer Nate Berkus. The pair offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of their dope home on their respective Instagrams, so we'd definitely recommend following along for that.

Jessie Leavitt

"NYC Prep" (2009)

Seven years later, it appears that Jessie Leavitt, Dwight School senior and Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, has overcome her palpable sexual tension with PC from her "NYC Prep" days. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology and interning at Carmen Marc Volvo and Cynthia Rowley, Leavitt now works as a visual merchandiser for Chanel, according to LinkedIn. Don't try to find her on social media, though — she's kept a tidy digital footprint since appearing on the Bravo show.

Andrew Mukamal 

"Kell on Earth" (2010)

With his long hair, penchant for Rick Owens and droll sense of humor, Andrew Mukamal was a fan-favorite during his time as Kelly Cutrone's assistant on "Kell on Earth." Flash forward to today, he's a high fashion stylist, working with badass clients like Zoe Kravitz and Behati Prinsloo, as well as top glossies like Interview and Vogue Japan.

Stefanie Skinner and Emily Bungert

"Kell on Earth" (2010)

Photo: EB Consults

Photo: EB Consults

The former People's Revolution partners have ventured out on their own, and in 2015, they founded a PR, production, digital and brand consulting agency called EB Consults that's based in New York City. Their clients are a mix of fashion, hospitality and beauty brands, including ICB and Jay Godfrey.

Stephanie Trong

"The Fashionista Diaries" (2007)

Photo: Fashionista

Photo: Fashionista

During this short-lived show, Stephanie Trong was the executive editor at the now-shuttered Jane magazine, and since then, she's utilized her honed eye as a fashion editor to titles including Nylon, Lucky and this very website, where she was formerly co-editor-in-chief. (Hi, Steph!) She's currently the fashion features editor at InStyle

Matt Kays 

"The Fashionista Diaries" (2007)

Matt Kays, who was featured as a staffer at Seventh House PR on the show, is still a fixture in fashion public relations, and put in stints at agencies Bradbury Lewis and HL Group before landing at PR Consulting, where he is today. 

Mandie Erickson

"The Fashionista Diaries" (2007)

Now a director and partner at Seventh House, a leading fashion PR company in New York, Erickson was named one of the most prominent "People Behind Manhattan's Parties" by Vanity Fair in 2009. She's still very much a major player in the fashion industry, and if you keep your eyes peeled during Fashion Week, you might just see her in action.