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Kylie Jenner is Launching a 20-Piece Nail Polish Collection

It's fittingly called the King Kylie collection.
Photo: Sinful Colors 

Photo: Sinful Colors 

Last week, eagle-eyed Kardashian-Jenner watchers noticed that Kylie Jenner changed the name of her lip kit website from "Kylie LipKit" to "Kylie Cosmetics." It's always been clear that she intended beauty world domination, and now that's in motion with a new category: nail polish.

Just a few days after she celebrated the launch of her new contemporary apparel brand Kendall + Kylie with her sister, the youngest Jenner has teamed up with super-affordable nail polish brand Sinful Colors, WWD reveals. Instead of launching polish via her own label like she did with her Lip Kits, Jenner is releasing three limited-edition collections with the nail company. The first will hit stores in early March, with the next two to follow in April and May. 

The first range, called the King Kylie Collection (a nod to her Instagram persona), features the brand's already existing Sinful Shine two-step faux gel formula that's so popular in the world of nail polish now. Colors include "Koko-Nuts," "Kafe Latte," "True Kolor" and "The Royal Me," and each shade will retail for $2.99 — a full dollar more than the rest of the line, but still very accessible. 

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"We are glad the next product with her name on it is Sinful Colors," Rahul Mehotra, the brand's general manager told WWD, in possibly the biggest understatement possible. Jenner's Lip Kits famously sell out in minutes every time she releases a new batch, though that may not happen in this case for a few reasons: First of all, Sinful Colors already has the production capabilities and large distribution via stores like Walgreens and Target, so presumably there will be a large amount available. Second, nail polish is simply not as buzzy as it once was, and it doesn't have the social media cache that liquid lipstick does now. However, compared to Jenner's $29 lip kits, $2.99 is really affordable, so there may be total sellouts, which is likely what everyone involved is hoping for. Nail polish companies will likely watch this launch carefully. 

This partnership makes a lot of sense for Jenner because, after her famous lips, her nails are probably her most-Instagrammed feature. She used to constantly pose with her hands by her mouth, telling Elle U.K. that the reason she did that was because she used to be self-conscious about her lips. Now they're another way to shill her products. "I wanted to do something innovative and accessible to my young fans," Jenner told WWD. Surely they'll respond enthusiastically.