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The Silk Pajama Shirt Maria Promises Not to Ruin (Again)

Note to self: Perhaps hand wash instead of dry-clean.
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Maison du Soir "Sophia" shirt, $187, available at

Maison du Soir "Sophia" shirt, $187, available at

I once had a Rag & Bone black-and-white pajama shirt that — if my memory serves me right — I bought from Loehmann's. (RIP, Lohemann's.) I wore it on days when I wanted to dress up, which, in my mind, means to wearing anything but a T-shirt. After a few wears, I took it to the dry cleaner, and when it was time to pick it up, the woman at my neighborhood spot had some bad news: The piping's navy dye had bled onto my once-pristine pajama shirt. She told me this has happened to similar shirts in the past, so why didn't they tell me that beforehand? Anyway, I'm not one for confrontation (I'm a Libra); I said it was fine, paid (ugh) and tossed the top.

Since that mishap, I've been searching for a replacement, which was surprisingly difficult. With pajama dressing being the norm among the fashion set, you would think finding something similar would be a breeze. Finally, I came upon this Maison Du Soir sleep shirt and plan on adding it to my wardrobe once the weather warms up. There are a few slight differences from my Rag & Bone original — a more rounded collar and hem, black piping and pearl buttons — but it'll still do the trick. And this time around, I'll hand wash it myself instead. 

Maison du Soir "Sophia" shirt, $187, available at

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