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30 Male Models You Should Be Following on Instagram

The industry hasn't coined the term "Instaboys" yet, but maybe it should.

New York Fashion Week: Men's ignites rare squeals of excitement in the Fashionista office, and the reason why can be summed up in two little words: Male models. We spend the majority of the year keeping track of the alpha females of the modeling industry — their campaigns, catwalk appearances and social media influence — but aside from a few special occasions, the guys are given the backseat. Have no fear, dear readers: We're here to remedy the situation, and in the spirit of the men's runway shows, we'd like to bring your attention to some very handsome lads who steam up our Instagram feeds on the regular. 

While you may not know these boys by name, you'll likely recognize many of their faces from big brand ad campaigns, international magazine covers, the occasional music video or, if you're a close follower of menswear, the New York, Milan and Paris runways. Considering they've all built careers on their looks, we don't think we need to give you any solid evidence as to why it's a great idea to mass-follow male models on Instagram, but some bring more to the table than others — whether it's a shining sense of humor or just some really inspirational shaggy hair. 

Read on for a directory of the guys we suggest you look up, stat. The industry hasn't coined the term "Instaboys" yet, but maybe it should.

Adonis Bosso, @septumpapi

Alessio Pozzi, @pozzi___

Arthur Gosse, @arthurlegosse

Benjamin Jarvis, @benjjarviss

Daniël van der Deen, @danielvanderdeen

Diego Barrueco, @diegobarrueco

Edward Wilding, @edward_wilding

Filip Hrivnak, @filiphrivnak

Francisco Lachowski, @chico_lachowski

Garrett Neff, @gwneff

Jacob Morton, @jacobamorton

Jon Kortajarena, @kortajarenajon

Jordan Barrett, @iblamejordan

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River Viiperi, @RiverViiperi

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Steven Chevron, @stevenchevrin

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