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The Velvet Robe in Which Eliza Wants to Loaf Around, Dreaming of Yachts

Hugh Hefner is always a good source of style inspiration.
Samuji Velda velvet coat, $440, available at The Dreslyn.

Samuji Velda velvet coat, $440, available at The Dreslyn.

Few things say "wealth" as clearly as a velvet robe does — a gleaming sailboat named for a childhood golden retriever, perhaps; hailing a cab to pick up a bundle of dry cleaning, certainly. They all speak of unattainability in different tones. The velvet robe, with its Hugh Hefner and broader sleepwear associations, gives a wink and a grin before stage whispering "I'm expensive" and falling back to bed at 12 p.m. What a life. In a cozy shell like this, you feel a little morally corrupt (even if you're not), a little bohemian (even if you're not) and very cool (nobody is).

Is $440 too much for a velvet robe? Yes, it is, despite its gorgeous midnight blue tone and synergy with a pair of culottes. If that's a reasonable price for you, I endorse this one completely. If it's not, well, nothing says "relative wealth" like choosing not to blow half a Crown Heights month's rent on a new robe.

Samuji Velda velvet coat, $440, available at The Dreslyn

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