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What Is Alber Elbaz Doing in Korea?

We investigate.

Judging by his Instagram alone, Alber Elbaz has been enjoying life post-Lanvin. He takes selfies (most of them awkward but endearing), continues to doodle, hugs Karl (Lagerfeld, that is), attends events, poses with Minnie Mouse and, generally speaking, takes in his surroundings with a childlike wonder. There's probably a lot more going on in Elbaz's mind, but we love that he's remained optimistic and happy through it all — at least on Instagram. It's infectious, and makes for a great account to follow. 

On Tuesday, the former creative director of Lanvin blessed us with more photographic gems — this time, from his trip to Seoul. Now, we're not really sure what exactly Elbaz is doing there, given that Seoul Fashion Week ended on March 26 and that Conde Nast's "Future Luxury" conference in Seoul is still three weeks away. (Some quick searches in Korean also proved unhelpful.) Maybe he's simply enjoying life. Let's take a look, shall we?

The view from his window at Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Very cool, right? Koreans approve, too. One user noted: "와 보는게 역시 좀 엣지하다.✌" (Which lamely translates to something like: "Wow, there's definitely something edgy about the way he looks at things.")

What would a trip to Korea be without kimchi?

Elbaz works on his chopstick skills with a variety of simple side dishes. 

Some late-night snacks at Myeongdong. The red things are dukbokki (spicy rice cakes).

We're not really sure why this had to be a video.

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Update: On Friday night, Elbaz stopped by 10 Corso Cosmo in Seoul for the opening of the "Memphis" exhibit.  (Contrary to what we thought, it turns out Elbaz was actually in Seoul last week.) Watch the designer say "hello" and "I love you" in Korean in the adorable clip above.

He also stopped by Samsung....

... where he presumably participated in "Fashion Talk." (We couldn't find any official event with Alber Elbaz and Samsung.)

He also had fun at karaoke, where his new friends sang Lee Jung-hyun's "와," one of the biggest (techno) hits of 1999. (The purposefully awkward dance moves were all a part of that.)

And also made lots of new friends. Oh, and took a group selfie with Seungri (bottom left), the youngest member of the K-Pop boyband Big Bang, in the photo below.

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