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Alexa Chung Brings 'Vogue' UK's 'Future of Fashion' Series to New York City

And does a great American accent, too.

Vogue UK is bringing its "Future of Fashion" video series back for a second round. As announced on Tuesday morning, host Alexa Chung has led her camera crew to New York City where she'll focus on the business of fashion, as well as the managerial jobs that help keep the industry's companies afloat. 

The first Big Apple-centric episode travels throughout Manhattan as Chung visits the offices of Veda, Altuzarra and Opening Ceremony. She first speaks with Veda's Lyndsey Butler on balancing the creative and business demands as the brand's creative director and CEO. Joseph Altuzarra then chimes in on finding the perfect business partner for his eponymous line. Finally, Opening Ceremony co-founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim speak on how their retail concept space has shaped today's shopping experience.

According to Chung, New York City sets a great example of how to both manage and run a fashion company due to the city's "high-octane" lifestyle — in other words, we're workaholics — and also our enthusiasm for tackling new challenges. Chung, who moved to New York City in 2009, knows this from firsthand experience and proves it with her perfectly pitched American accent: "Yeah, let's do it! You wanna do a pants line? Fantastic!"

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See the first episode of "Future of Fashion: Series 2" above. Plus, tune in next week for part two of Chung's ongoing documentary where she'll chat with more behind-the-scenes fashion folk here in New York City. 

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