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We Want to Copy Alexa Chung's Ballet Outfit

Who needs pants?

It's no secret that multi-hyphenate Alexa Chung loves Mary Helen Bowers's Ballet Beautiful classes. To quote Chung in this 2014 interview: "I'm obsessed with Ballet Beautiful; it's good." This of course conjured up an image of Chung in ballet shoes, which on Tuesday we got to see in real life.

While she may not go en pointe, Chung clearly prefers a classic look when it comes to her Ballet Beautiful footwear, pink slippers and satin ribbons and all, which somehow look so cool paired with black tights and a grey sweater — both representative of her day-to-day style.

Best of all, it's a look that's easy to cop. Just take your favorite, slightly oversized sweater and black tights then purchase some pink ribbons and attach them to a pair of old ballet flats from H&M. And for those looking to commit 100 percent (à la Chung), scout out a semi-abandoned (hopefully safe) building with some really good lighting. Obviously, do not forget to bring a metal chair. And when the time comes to actually take the photo, do not forget to smile with your eyes closed shut, like you're blissfully happy to not be wearing pants.

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