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American Apparel Will Now Deliver to Your Door Within an Hour

Bring on the bodysuits.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In college, students used to storm the American Apparel store near campus every time there was a silly dress-up event happening, like Halloween or the annual '80s-themed dance — any occasion that demanded metallic leggings or a neon leotard, really. And because nobody procrastinates like undergrads do, the spending spree was always very last-minute.

American Apparel probably didn't have leg warmer-happy students in mind when it announced on Monday that it was launching one-hour delivery in 31 metropolitan areas nationwide, though it is one demographic that will truly benefit from having the brand's wares delivered in minutes. The new service — which will be offered out of 79 stores and operated in partnership with the on-demand delivery provider Postmates — fits right in with the broader retail landscape's emphasis on creating shopping experiences that are super easy and also omnichannel, blending online and in-person shopping. Everlane and Barneys are among the other clothing sellers to offer one-hour and same-day delivery, respectively.

And for a company that's presumably still working to get its sales numbers back up, offering customers a little tech-enabled cushiness could be helpful, both to its bottom line and to its still-shaky public image.

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