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Maria Is Bidding Farewell to Dull Winter Skin With This Body Scrub

It had me at "Punk Bouquet."
& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Body Scrub, $15, available at

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Body Scrub, $15, available at

I'm going to get kind of TMI on here: This winter, I started experiencing itchy, bumpy patches on my arms. ("Chicken skin" as some would call it.) Doubling down on lotions and the occasional emollient was great for relief, but I needed something extra to get rid of the dull, dry layer of skin from the cold season. Luckily, this impulse purchase from & Other Stories has done the trick.

Over the past few weeks, I've added this scrub to my shower routine and it's done a great job at keeping my skin feeling soft and renewed. The consistency has a lot of texture thanks to a heavy dosage of sugar in the scrub, but when you massage the product into your skin, it turns into a gentle, frothy lather that was easy to rinse off.

The scrub comes in more than a dozen different scents, so it was hard for me to pick one. (You know how Sephora makes you smell coffee beans when sampling its perfumes? I wish & Other Stories had something like that, too. I couldn't decipher anything after a few sniffs.) But leave it to good old copywriting to convince me that "Punk Bouquet" was the best option. Although I'm not a fan of vanilla-scented beauty products, this item offers a much lighter version and the added notes of rose are a nice touch. Plus, how fun is the title "Punk Bouquet"?

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& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Body Scrub, $15, available at

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