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Britney Spears Covers 'V' Magazine's 100th Issue

Looking totally iconic and mostly recognizable.
Photo: Mario Testino/'V' Magazine

Photo: Mario Testino/'V' Magazine

I don't work in print media, so I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine that discussion over which entertainer, model or public figure should cover a magazine's 100th issue could get pretty heated. I mean, that's a huge milestone. They've got to be iconic. Whatever the decision-making process looked like, V magazine emerged from it having made the best choice I personally can think of: Ms. Britney Jean Spears, shot for three covers by Mario Testino.

With the cover's release on Tuesday, V founder and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Gan writes, "When looking for cover worthy subjects for our 100th issue, we had to ask ourselves, Who do pop stars and musicians — who have become an integral part of what V represents — look up to and admire?... There was only one answer: Britney! She has entered icon status, and who in our world did not grow up listening to her music?"

Literally. Sure, she looks a little unrecognizable in a fembot kind of way, reclining on some faceless dude's lap, though not nearly as Photoshopped as she did on the January/February 2015 cover of Women's Health. And who embodies our loftiest aspirations and darkest moments of self-doubt with the poignancy Spears does? Think about that, and get back to me.

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Check out all three covers below.

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