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Netflix's "Love" Inspired Me To Get Carhartt Overalls

It did not inspire me to fall in love.
Gillian Jacobs plays Mickey on "Love." Screengrab: Netflix

Gillian Jacobs plays Mickey on "Love." Screengrab: Netflix

I have mixed feelings about "Love," both as a concept and the new Netflix series that many of us at Fashionista quickly binged on when it debuted last month. While I wasn't totally keen on the show as a whole, I loved the costumes throughout, especially Mickey's (played by Gillian Jacobs). Her best look was one she wore for a restless night at home rearranging furniture: brown Carhartt overalls, a white T-shirt and slides. Naturally, I went on a deep dive looking for the exact pair of overalls in an appropriate size. Turns out the ones seen on the show are vintage and belong to Jacobs, but the brand's current unlined duck bib overall men's style looks very similar. It has infinite handy pockets, many made for holding tools (cool!) and "double knees." No idea what that last term means, but it sounds like something that can handle the kind of light domestic manual labor I'm likely to get into. As for protecting me from the emotional distress of watching the characters of "Love" treat each other like crap? Not even the famous Carhartt durability can help me there. 

Men's cotton duck bib overall unlined, $74.99 to $79.99, available at Carhartt.

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