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A Look Back at 6 Seasons of Amazing 'Downton Abbey' Costumes

We pulled 45 looks for you to cry over as we contemplate the end of the series.
Matthew (Sob, RIP) and Mary's wedding. (Photo: Masterpiece)

Matthew (Sob, RIP) and Mary's wedding. (Photo: Masterpiece)

Spoilers from seasons one through six ahead. 

On Sunday evening, the last episode of "Downton Abbey" will air and we will have to go back to watching shows that don't feature a lot of headbands and beaded flapper dresses — in other words, meaningless television. I've had the pleasure of writing fashion recaps for this silly, beautiful series since season three, and I feel like I know the characters' closets inside and out.

Two costume designers, Caroline McCall (seasons one through four) and Anna Mary Scott Robbins (seasons five and six), were responsible for creating the period-appropriate looks. The series covers the years between 1912 and 1926, and we watched the characters go from Edwardian dresses and dowdy updos to flapper gear, marcel waves and one scandalous bob. To celebrate the gorgeous costumes on the show, here are 45 looks — including a whopping seven wedding dresses! — to ogle before the series finale. 

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