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Cheryl's Versatile, Pudding-Like Cream Eye Shadow

A delightfully jiggly treat for your lids from a big-time makeup artist.
Photo: Fiona Stiles

Photo: Fiona Stiles

No offense, Kylie Jenner, but I love it when real makeup artists start to create products. They have years of experience using multiple brands, so they generally know what they want and what doesn't exist in the market. (See: Charlotte Tilbury and Troy Surratt for great examples of innovative makeup artist brands.)

Fiona Stiles, who has been in the celebrity beautifying business for many years, has a client list that reads like the guest list at an awards show. Kate Winslet, Kerry Washington and Kristen Stewart have all sat in her chair — and that's just a sampling of the "K" section of her long list. Beauty retailer Ulta recently approached Stiles to create a higher-end cosmetics line to be sold exclusively in its stores, and the collection is really impressive.

It's a full makeup range, with everything from eyeliner to foundation, but my favorite product is the Radiant Aqua Eye Veil. I'm an eye shadow minimalist, am partial to neutral colors and also hate makeup brushes, which means this product is basically my dream. It comes in six shades, but the best part is the texture. It's a cream shadow, but it has a slightly firm jiggle when you touch it, instead of feeling mushy or waxy like some cream shadows. You can apply it with a finger or a brush, and it remains crease-free pretty much all day. You can also use it as a liner (with a brush obviously, unless your finger is very pointy). The shade Hyperion, seen above, also acts as a primer and is a great highlighting shade, too. I've used every single color so far — and that's a rare thing in any makeup collection. 

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Radiant Aqua Eye Veil, $22, available at Ulta

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