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Gigi Hadid's Speech About Her Mom's Lyme Disease Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry

If Bella's sobs don't get to you, you might have no soul.

I spent Tuesday night as I often do: on my couch, gleefully indulging in the drama-fest that is "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Bravo. One of the central storylines this season revolves around Yolanda Hadid, former model and proud mother of Gigi, Bella and Anwar, and her ongoing fight against chronic neurologic Lyme disease — specifically, the fact that a number of her cast mates believe that her rare, incurable illness is bogus and merely a cry for attention. (It also plays a large role in the dissolution of her marriage to David Foster.)

The Hadid matriarch has become a vocal advocate for Lyme awareness, and Tuesday's episode took viewers inside the extravagant Global Lyme Alliance gala in New York last October, where she was honored for her contributions. In a tear-jerking twist, 20-year-old Gigi was enlisted to introduce her mother, and the resulting speech didn't leave a dry eye in all of Cipriani. (Full disclosure: I teared up a bit myself.) It was an incredibly touching and genuine family moment — a rarity in the "Housewives" franchise these days — and it's sweet to see how inspired both Gigi and Bella are by their mom, even in the wake of their remarkable success. 

At the event, Yolanda also reveals that both Bella and Anwar were diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease in early 2012, leading to more tears — but also to wider awareness across the generations, which is clearly the family's ultimate goal. You can watch the moving scene in full above, but I highly suggest you grab a Kleenex. If Bella's sobs don't get you, I'm fairly certain you don't have a soul.

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