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Madewell Hops on the 'See Now, Buy Now' Bandwagon, Won't Release Fall 2016 Lookbook Ahead of Time

Instead, it'll be unveiled when the collection hits stores.
A look from Madewell's spring 2016 lookbook. Photo: Madewell

A look from Madewell's spring 2016 lookbook. Photo: Madewell

As we've covered pretty extensively here at Fashionista, several luxury brands and mass-market retailers have adopted variations of the "see now, buy now" calendar model in order to decrease consumer fatigue over products — and, ultimately, to increase sales. For example, designer Rebecca Minkoff chose to show her spring 2016 collection again during fashion week in order to align more closely with the clothing's delivery dates, and Banana Republic made six looks immediately available for purchase at its most recent NYFW Fall 2016 presentation. As of Monday, Madewell is the latest retailer to get on board with the controversial new system, beginning with its fall 2016 collection.

Announced via a small note on a press preview invitation to editors, the company stated: "The Madewell collection is being shown for long lead purposes, we ask that you refrain from sharing images of the presentation on social media." And in a further statement to WWD, Joyce Lee, Madewell's head of design, told the publication: "With [buy now, wear now] in mind we've decided to hold the release of our Fall/Winter 2016 collection to the public until the product is available in stores. With this shift, we're allowing our customers to both be involved in the excitement that surrounds the release of a collection and to shop it, all at a time when the clothes are seasonally relevant."

Given this development, it should be interesting to see whether J.Crew — Madewell's sister brand and a regular presenter at NYFW — will adopt a "buy now, wear now" policy (perhaps similar to Banana Republic's) at its next presentation as well.  Watch this space.

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