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Jennifer Garner Wore a Faultless LBD on 'The Tonight Show'

To talk about the insane corset she was all but padlocked into at the Oscars.

Jennifer Garner, who has essentially built a career in universal likeability, appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday evening to promote her new faith-based movie, "Miracles from Heaven." As a self-described purveyor of dad jokes, I feel obligated to say that, for the occasion, the 43-year-old actress figuratively took us to church (I'm sorry!) in what might very well be the most ideal LBD I've ever seen. If you read Garner's recent Vanity Fair cover story (which, okay, I'm sure you did), you'll know she spent much of last year drinking wine following her divorce from human back tattoo Ben Affleck. Clearly, she did her time in her cocoon — because now she is a freaking monarch butterfly, leaving Affleck to eat his heart out in the family's pool house, where he apparently resides these days.

You'll have to watch Garner's full interview with Jimmy Fallon* to really, fully comprehend why this dress is so excellent. For one, it's completely sexy, hugging her body in all the right places and exposing just the appropriate amount of cleavage with two spindly spaghetti straps. But it was also perfectly early 2000s-inspired, harkening back to her days as ass-kicking spy Sydney Bristow on J.J. Abrams' triumph of a series, "Alias" — and not to mention, her three-episode stint on "Felicity."

*This is actually good news, because their interview was as adorable as that one Internet-famous puppy with braces. At one point, the pair discussed Garner's wildly flattering Oscars gown — custom-made by Versace — into which she had to be strapped via an intense corset, inevitably causing a bathroom emergency. Watch that above.

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