Kylie Jenner Dropped a Music Video Without the Music to Sell Her New Lip Glosses

The youngest Jenner's latest beauty category debuts on Friday, April 1.
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In Kylie Jenner's latest ploy to take over all of planet Earth (and, who knows, maybe some of outer space, too), she released a new video to tease her forthcoming line of lip glosses due out Friday, April 1. In what is essentially a hip-hop music video minus the hip-hop song, Jenner serves as the getaway driver for her trusted band of bad-girl misfits, who appear to throw a man outside the window of a seedy motel over a fiscal discrepancy. As Jenner's minions exit the scene of the crime, buzzwords like "literally" and "so cute" flash across the screen. It's a confusing, expensive and extremely strange way to sell a beauty product — but if we had access to all $5 million of Jenner's resources, we'd also make ourselves the star of a Rihanna video.

Watch the whole thing unfold above. 

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