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Lola Kirke Is the Latest Celebrity Sister to Woo the Fashion World

After nabbing campaigns for both Kate Spade and Calvin Klein this year, the 25-year-old actress is one to watch.

Whether it's a model, an "It" girl or an actress, the fashion community loves a fresh face, and right now it's loving 25-year-old Lola Kirke. Already heralded as the next big thing in Hollywood, could she also be the next big thing in fashion?

Younger sister to enviably cool "Girls" star Jemima Kirke  — who also models occasionally — Lola possesses less of a British accent but more of a fervor for acting (which Jemima just kind of seems to do as an occasional hobby, you know?), a comparably effortless insouciance and endearing lisp. Since her breakout role as a duplicitous white-trash thief in 2014's "Gone Girl," Kirke has landed leads in indie star Noah Baumbach's "Mistress America" (alongside Greta Gerwig) and the critically acclaimed Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle" (alongside Gael Garcia Bernal), with three more films due out this and next year. Naturally, the fashion campaigns followed.

"Lola's someone I've had my eye on for a while," explains Kristen Naiman, Kate Spade's VP of Brand Creative, who was instrumental in casting Kirke for the brand's new "#Missadventure" online video series co-starring Marisa Tomei, Zosia Mamet and Kat Dennings. "There's an incredible authenticity and humanity I think to the way that she acts and shows up that is this thing I love." As always, the "It" factor that Kirke possesses (and that fashion brands gravitate towards) is hard to pinpoint, but Naiman takes a crack at it: "I think fashion loves a character, and she's a very authentic character who has a really genuine sense of style that is very much her own individual take... but has a sort of exuberant, self-expressive thing that fashion is attracted to."

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Lola Kirke in Dior. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Christian Dior

Lola Kirke in Dior. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Christian Dior

Kate Spade isn't the only brand attracted to Kirke right now. A recent Periscope stream from behind-the-scenes at Calvin Klein's fall 2016 ad campaign shoot revealed that Kirke is one of its stars — alongside Bella Hadid, another cool girl with a famous blonde sister. She's also had a conspicuous presence at Dior events recently: she was a front row guest at the French house's fall 2016 runway show and attended its 2015 Guggenheim International gala pre-party last fall, wearing a full look from the label.

Sure, Kirke's talent, innate charm, beauty and "Françoise Hardy bangs" as Dennings calls them in the above clip may be enough to woo fashion's casting wizards, but as we've covered quite extensively, the industry also just loves a sibling. "Fashion is very interested right now in communities and authenticity and storytelling," says Naiman of this phenomenon. "I think [the Kirkes] have something about them that is all of those things... that often happens in families, you know?" That's a fair point: if one girl has an irrepressible enigma that catapults her to fame, her sister probably has something interesting going on, too. But as an only child, I'm personally starting to feel a little underrepresented in the fashion landscape. Unfortunately, this phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down

Browse some of Kirke's A+ red carpet looks in the gallery below.