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The Simple Denim Dress Gemma's Been Eyeing Since Dec. 22

Thanks, Dhani.
Loup Denim Bella Dress, $172, available at Loup.

Loup Denim Bella Dress, $172, available at Loup.

You wouldn't know this by the way I dress, but I basically love anything and everything that Dhani wears or features on Fashionista. So when she wrote a piece on French-inspired Loup as part of our "Label to Watch" series back in December, I immediately clicked through all the gallery images and went to its website afterwards to see what else was available online.

Now, if you haven't already, I'd highly recommend that you do the same because there are so many incredibly simple, but highly covetable pieces available online, including Loup's rose "Chloe" pants and high-waisted, vintage-inspired "Penny" shorts. Out of everything though, the one piece that really speaks to me is this easy and deceptively simple denim dress (the "Bella"). I say deceptively because it features an adjustable waistband and a pretty cool open back slit. But aside from the construction, I love that this is one of those dresses that you could wear to 50 different occasions, like first dates (blush) and casual strolls around the neighborhood. 

It's pricey, but given that I haven't purchased anything new since September, I think this splurge will be ok.

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Loup Denim Bella Dress, $172, available at Loup.

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