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Pamela Anderson Is Reunited With That 'Baywatch' Swimsuit in Missguided's New Campaign

The noted animal activist is at it again.
Photo: Missguided

Photo: Missguided

Fashion has a bit of a thing for Pamela Anderson, who has posed for Love Advent and CR Fashion Book in recent years — an editorial fascination that's part genuine appreciation for the actress's over-the-top sex appeal, and part in the pursuit of kitsch. (Anderson's son with Tommy Lee, Dylan Lee, recently posed for a Saint Laurent campaign, too.) And it rages on: The British fast fashion label Missguided unveiled its latest campaign on Monday, which features the "Official Babe" in a range of bodysuits, body-con dresses and swimsuits, including that iconic red, high-cut style.

You know, the "Baywatch" one.

Setting aside the question of the male gaze and plasticky-sexy posturing for a minute, it's pretty badass that an online retailer that was born in 2008 and caters to digital age youths would choose a 48-year-old to model its Kardashian-leaning clothes. Though it's actually a pretty logical choice: Anderson still looks incredible in a bodysuit and wears it with a level of confidence that any 23-year-old should aspire to. If you're going to wear the bodysuit, wear the bodysuit.

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Browse a few more shots from the campaign in the gallery below. Clicky click, culture goblins!