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Patrick Dempsey Is Shilling His Wife's Beauty Line on Instagram

Not only is he a great husband, but he also has lots of potential as a beauty blogger.

It would be nice to be married to Patrick Dempsey for a lot of reasons. Not only is he flush in 11 seasons of that Shondaland cash, but — because we're told money isn't everything — he seems like a pretty good dude. He likes race cars, which is dangerous and sexy. He takes cute pictures of his kids for Instagram, which is endearing and sweet. These are great qualities, sure, but what we really need to know is: How is he as a blogger husband, as a devoted supporter of his wife's burgeoning fashion and beauty career?

Pretty good, actually! On Thursday, the "Grey's Anatomy" expat posted a video on Instagram of his wife, Jillian, applying some of her eye shadow line to his baby blues. Though he was silent during the process, he paired the video with a cute, yet informative caption: "I'm not a makeup guy, but I'm proud of my wife's innovative product, Lid Tints for eyes." According to my research, Lid Tints is a creamy, nude shadow that launched last month. It serves as "a fresh and easy approach to makeup," and can be worn alone or under and over traditional eye shadows. Jillian is also a Hollywood makeup artist with clients like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart.

Will the Dempseys publish more tutorials of this nature in the future? One can only hope, but in the meantime, join us in watching this video on repeat.

Homepage photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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