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Rihanna Argues for the Return of the Tracksuit in Emerald Green Gucci

The fanciest leisurewear there ever was.

Let's take a moment to talk about tracksuits, shall we?  

The two-piece tracksuit, whether you like it or not, is iconic. For many of us out there, they call to mind soft pink Juicy Couture ones from the early aughts, popularized by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and basically every other Kitson-shopping celebrity during that time. And for those who lived through the heyday of tracksuits printed with "Love" (or some other easily marketable feeling) across the bottoms, they are a style of clothing that'll never be missed. That said, they also hold a special place in our hearts — mostly because few people dare to wear them un-ironically in the present day. 

On Monday evening, in the midst of her "Anti" world tour, Rihanna stepped out in New York wearing an embroidered, fur-trimmed, emerald green tracksuit from Gucci's spring 2016 collection. And no, she didn't wear it ironically. In fact, she wore it with fancy, pointy-toed ankle boots from Céline, turning what could have been a casual, athleisure-inspired getup into a full-on look for an evening out on the town. The tracksuit in question looked great on the runway paired with a pink blouse, but if we're being honest, Rihanna pulled it off even better last night, thanks to her personal touches (like layered gold accessories) and the sporty crop top layered underneath. 

For interested parties who are newly inspired to give tracksuits another shot thanks to Riri, the pants are available on for $1,980.

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