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Rihanna Remains Fully Committed to Nightgowns in Her New Video for 'Kiss It Better'

With the help of an industrial wind machine, it might be Riri's sexiest clip yet.

Nobody wears nightgowns, garments traditionally reserved for restorative bedtime activities, quite like Rihanna. She's worn one with Converse sneakers and a denim jacket to watch the World Cup in July; she's worn one to Vogue Paris's 95th birthday bash in October — and now, she's made the slinky garment a star in her brand-new video for "Kiss It Better."

With the help of an industrial wind machine and her dewy, poreless skin, the 28-year-old entertainer looks her sexiest yet as she writhes around a pitch-black set to the musical stylings of the "Anti" track. The clip starts out with a close-up shot of four dice perched atop a sheet that's billowing in the artificial breeze, draped across Rihanna's body. It escalates from there, introducing a slew of frilly bras, silk chemises and even an oversized, pinstriped blazer — by Issey Miyake, care of What Goes Around Comes Around — that she pairs with a translucent lace camisole, a nipple piercing in full view. 

Not to be gross, but if you're even a fair weather fan of Rihanna's bod (and, let's be honest, who isn't?), you're in for a real treat. The whole carefree, windswept aesthetic of this video makes me, too, want to don my own menswear-inspired jacket over a bodysuit of sorts. I won't, of course — because that's what Rihanna is for. God bless her.

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