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What 'Fashionista' Editors Want for Spring

Sunday's the first day of spring and we're ready.
Photo: collage

Photo: collage

Now that spring is just around the corner, we at Fashionista are looking forward to swapping our daily uniform of black, black and more black for one that's a (little) bit brighter, and a whole lot more fun. Below, we assembled all the new pieces we'd like to add to our wardrobe this season, from badass Alexander Wang slide sandals (oops, black) to green Gucci suede pumps. 

Dhani Mau, Editorial Director

Alyssa Vingan Klein, Editorial Director

Eliza Brooke, Senior Editor

Chantal Fernandez, Senior Associate Editor

Maura Brannigan, Senior Associate Editor

Maria Bobila, Associate Editor

Gemma Kim, Editorial Assistant

Lauren Indvik, Editor at Large

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