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The Badass Workout Tee Encouraging Maura to Go Exercise

Do you even lift, bro?
Under Armour Athlete Muscle Tank, $39.99, available at Under Armour.

Under Armour Athlete Muscle Tank, $39.99, available at Under Armour.

At some point since the inception of the Internet, it became annoying to discuss one's own exercise habits on websites and social media platforms. To a certain extent, I understand this — I'm just here for the Nicolas Cage memes and photos of puppies with braces, you know? But, I'm going to level with you for a second: I really do enjoy exercise (ugh!), and try to sweat as many days a week as my schedule allows. Leading up to college, I spent much of my life as an athlete and try as best I can to replicate that lifestyle as an adult. And then, sometimes, I spend five days in a row eating boxed macaroni and counting my walks to the subway as a work out. Whatever! Shit happens!

While scrolling through the bowels of Instagram, I recently came across this image from @underarmourwomen of world champion gymnast Maggie Nicholas. To be clear, I don't look anywhere near this badass — or, you know, professionalwhen I go to the gym. But it's inspiring nonetheless that Under Armour markets apparel that motivates its shoppers to look at themselves as athletes, too. Once you take yourself seriously, it seems, the results and empowerment follow... even if I did just eat one of Shake Shack's new chicken sandwiches for lunch. Everything in moderation.

Under Armour Athlete Muscle Tank, $39.99, available at Under Armour.

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