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A Kate Moss Scandal Is at the Center of 'Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie' Trailer

"You have killed Kate Moss."

It's been four long years since reports first surfaced that an "Absolutely Fabulous" movie was in the works, and that the Kate Moss would have a role — but little did we know Moss would essentially be the center point of the whole film.

The first trailer hit the Internet on Wednesday morning, and it reveals that Edina accidentally knocks Moss — seen chatting up Jon Hamm — into the Thames at "London's biggest fashion event of the year." A media frenzy ensues as Moss subsequently disappears, or dies (we hope not!), eliciting the excellent one-liner: "You have killed Kate Moss."

After Stella McCartney throws a brick through their window, Edina and Patsy decide to go rogue... to the South of France. Hilarity, and as many as 60 cameos — from Kim Kardashian to Lara Stone to Alexa Chung — ensue.

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"Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie" hits U.K. theaters July 1, and U.S. theaters July 22 according to IMDB.