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Allison Williams to Launch Lifestyle Site, 'Moxie' [Updated]

The social media-savvy actress will bring her personal brand to fans through a new editorial destination.

Update 4/1: APRIL FOOLS

It's been less than four years since "Girls" debuted, but Allison Williams has already built a respected career, solidifying a reputation for stellar red carpet style and charming honesty in interviews. In her Harper by Harper's Bazaar cover interview, for example, she delved into her body hang-ups and beauty routines in an aspirational, yet relatable way. We were only slightly surprised, then, when Williams announced on Friday plans to take her personal brand to the next level and launch a lifestyle site. Named after her beloved dog, Moxie will feature Williams' inimitable take on style, fitness and self-care.

"I have learned so much from the stylists, makeup artists and trainers I've been fortunate enough to work with on set and before award shows, and I can't wait to share it with the community of women I've already found through social media," said Williams, who is active on Instagram and Snapchat, in a statement. "Acting has been my dream since I was a little girl, but it's not my only passion." Williams will be the site's editorial director, and has a team of five full-time editors who will be updating daily and produce original editorials. Her friend Diane von Furstenburg is the launch partner, and advertising and affiliate links will be the chief revenue sources moving forward.

So what kind of content can readers expect to find on Moxie? Weddings will be a key vertical. "I got married last year (twice!) and struggled to find a comprehensive resource for the kind of timeless and intimate ceremony I wanted to have," said Williams. "How do you ensure your custom designer gown turns out to be everything you dreamed it would be? Where can I find a makeup artist who gets my 'Ralph Lauren and Joni Mitchell' aesthetic?" In addition to advice, the site will start by recommending vendors in only New York and Wyoming, where she married Ricky Van Veen in September at a working cattle ranch; but Williams plans to expand coverage geographically over the coming year. 

Hair will also be a major theme. Williams got bangs for her most recent role in January and is now growing them out — a common experience with which readers will surely identify. "I'm in that awkward stage between bangs and long layers, but with [celebrity stylist] Chris's help [McMillan], I figured out some sleek solutions I'm excited to share," she said. 

Williams follows a well-worn path of actresses diversifying into editorial and retail projects, but thinks her refined taste level and down-to-earth attitude will make Moxie stand out from the pack. "I want the tone to be approachable, but aspirational enough to appeal to ambitious and sophisticated women," she said, adding that she met with Gwyneth Paltrow; the Goop guru gave her the green light. So, does this mean Williams plans to launch a retail element to Moxie, too? "The sky is the limit," she said. 

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