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This Video of Anna Wintour Introducing the 'Vogue' App Is Oddly Threatening

"Have fun."

Because it is 2016, Vogue has launched its very own app — just in time for the Apple-sponsored Met Gala on Monday. To help build buzz and encourage its loyal readers to download it, the publication posted a video of Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour introducing the app and its functionalities (like breaking fashion news alerts and bookmarking stories to read while offline), and she looks just about as enthused as you'd expect.

The clip starts off with her blankly staring at the camera — in sunglasses, of course — and she lets out a defeated sounding "hi" before going into her spiel. It all feels oddly threatening, and the commenters agree. A sampling of the notes left on the post includes: "This felt vaguely like being in the principal's office and not knowing what I did;" "Just listen how she says 'HI.' She is basically hating us all;" "I'm too scared of her to not download this." Wintour has proven her comedy skills on multiple visits to "Late Night with Seth Meyers" over the years, but we're guessing she is neither acting nor laughing on the inside here.

To close, Wintour leaves her audience with the words "have fun," something she clearly did not do while making this video. One commenter wrote, "that might have been the scariest 'have fun' I've ever heard," and we're inclined to agree. See you at the Met Gala!

Homepage photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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