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Anna Wintour Hopes That Taylor Swift Will 'Continue' With Her New Look

According to the latest 'Vogue' podcast, Swift took those Vetements boots from the shoot home with her so, between that and the bleached hair, it sounds like she's heeding Wintour's advice.
Photo: Mert and Marcus/Vogue

Photo: Mert and Marcus/Vogue

On the latest edition of the Vogue podcast, which drops every Monday, host Andre Leon Talley caught up with Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Fashion Director Tonne Goodman about the upcoming "Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology" exhibit, the impending Met Gala and transforming Taylor Swift for the May issue. As she first explained on "Today," Wintour said that the magazine wanted to celebrate the "amazing work" of outgoing Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane by giving Swift an unexpected makeover. (Wintour also pronounces the "H" in "Hedi," so adjust accordingly, people.) 

"We thought that we could take Taylor — who is a beautiful, beautiful girl but has been a little bit more conservative in her fashion choices — and turn her into an Hedi Slimane rock n' roll girl," explained Wintour. "She was completely up for it and loved it, and is going to hopefully continue with this look." Wintour shared that she asked Swift to be a co-chair for this year's event — "[Swift] called me back within minutes and said she would be thrilled" — because of her connection to technology and young audience appeal, which will hopefully help to draw a different crowd to this year's "Manus x Machina" exhibit.

Wintour addressed the "slightly confusing" exhibit theme and praised Costume Institute chief curator Andrew Bolton for "embrac[ing] the idea that we don't have to live in the past, that technology can do exactly what the hand has done at the couture houses for so many years, and in fact do it in a way that's even better." Wintour brought up the embroidery in Prada's fall 2016 collection as an example, as well as a 3D printed laser-cut Chanel Haute Couture suit, which will be included in the exhibition. 

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Talley then dared to ask Wintour an obvious question: Will Swift wear Saint Laurent to the Met Gala next month? "That level of detail, I cannot answer," she answered, laughing. But it sounds like Swift is definitely incorporating the Vogue cover styling into her own life. Goodman revealed that she got to keep the sky-high Vetements boots she wears in the editorial, and was lusting after a pair of equally tall and chunky Marc Jacobs ones (see image above). During the shoot at a studio in New York City, Swift was extremely collaborative and willing to try something new — just as she was for her Jane Birkin-inspired February 2012 cover. Swift let the Vogue team give her bangs right then, and while Goodman said she was very keen about the platinum blonde 'do, she couldn't change her hair quite yet and wore a wig for the shoot. Having since finished up her "1989" promotional duties, Swift took the peroxide plunge last week. 

In other May issue news (on newsstands April 26), Wintour revealed that photographer Mario Testino personally approached Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik to ask them to pose for an editorial. "They are an enchanting young couple," she said, praising Camilla Nickerson for styling Hadid as a "modern Bardot" through her hair and checked prints. "It's had a fantastic response already." We bet. 

Wintour has been a semi-occasional contributor to the Vogue podcast, but Talley announced this week that she will be swinging by more often to preview each month's issue. 

Listen to full April 18 Vogue podcast on iTunes.