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Apple Watch Hermès Is Getting New Colors for Spring

Including the French luxury brand's classic orange.

Back in January, it became a whole lot easier to get your hands on the Apple Watch Hermès, when the three styles of handmade leather straps became available for purchase on both Apple and Hermès's websites, rather than just in a selection of boutiques. Now, the two companies — which began their partnership last fall — are giving customers more colorful ways to customize their accessory and truly make it their own. 

For the first time, the Hermès leather bands will be sold separately, as opposed to in a complete system with the Apple Watch hardware. The Single Tour band will retail for $340, the Double Tour band for $490 and the cuff for $690. In addition to the four classic colors that Apple Watch Hermès launched with, it's adding four more shade options for bands: Bleu Paon (emerald green), Bleu Saphir (navy blue), Blanc (white) and Hermès's signature bright orange, called Feu. These new colors will be available from April 19.

While Apple kept mum about Apple Watch sales during its first quarter earnings call in January, fashion editors seem to have a ball styling it (and could even use it to check in to fashion week shows this season), so we're looking forward to seeing these new shades make their sartorial debuts this spring.

Photo: Apple

Photo: Apple

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