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How Fashion Brands Embraced April Fool's Day

The fashion industry's got jokes!
ASOS is launching a wedding chapel? PRANKED. Photo: ASOS

ASOS is launching a wedding chapel? PRANKED. Photo: ASOS

With April Fools' Day landing on a Friday, let's just say we had a little too much fun breaking some fake news this morning. (Sorry. Although, we still have our fingers cross for a Harry for Gucci collab.) Turns out some of our fellow fashion friends were also in on the annual joke. Check out some of our favorites below. And if you happened to have fallen for any of these earlier today, don't feel bad. Because we probably did, too.

Asos Wedding Chapel

With bridal becoming a category norm among fast fashion retailers, additional wedding services make sense. But when we learned that Asos's wedding chapel would take place on its signature catwalk, along with "hot models" as ushers, a joint "Saved Items" registry and a decorated Asos van for transportation, we were a little skeptical. "It's our little way of saying 'love you more, hun' to our most loyal customers," said ASOS Head of Romance Flora Pilo in a press release. Good one.

Aerie's #Aerieman Campaign

We were kind of bummed to find out that this campaign for #Aerieman, which debuted about a week ago, was just a running prank until the first of April. Not that we believed these guys do half-naked yoga and bubble bath confessionals. And we're glad that, jokes aside, Aerie does take body positivity very seriously. The company also announced that it will donate $25,000 to NEDA, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing and providing treatment for eating disorders, as well as stop retouching men's underwear and swim images by the holiday season. 

Donald Trump's Billionaire Mens Club

Chantal was a little confused when she received a package that included a Donald Trump-esque "Make America Radical Again" cap and a graphic T-shirt. The products were supposedly the result of Trump purchasing Pharrell's streetwear brand Billionaire Boys Club in an effort to attract millennials. But, of course, Trump is not a boy. He's a MAN, damn it! Hence, Billionaire Mens Club tweeted a Soundcloud link to a perfect impersonation of Trump ranting on and on about his distaste for loser talk and landing on the sun or something.

Hot Topic Debuts "Golden Girls" Collection

Can this please be real? There are plenty of young women who will gladly purchase "Golden Girls" gear. And with Hot Topic being a source of inspiration for a few of our favorite fashion and beauty looks for fall, we'll gladly make a trip to the suburban mall shop, too.

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Hypebeast Launches Yeezybeast

Hypebeast's Yeezybeast website. Photo: Screenshot

Hypebeast's Yeezybeast website. Photo: Screenshot

Who knew that breaking fashion news would involve Twitter outbursts, surprise pop-up shops and Yeezy drops by Kanye West? The industry keeps as close an eye on when West will throw his next fashion presentation as the next creative director departure announcement (and the former often pulls more traffic). So it's no surprise that Hypebeast, the Internet's fuccboi OG but with actual cred, created a website spin off dedicated to the one and only Mr. West. And the title is perfect: Yeezybeast.

Marc Jacobs' Street Marketing Campaign

This is more of a marketing move for Marc Jacobs's new Gotham bag collection than an April Fools' joke, but hey, there's some humor involved. On Friday and Saturday afternoon, male models (like the one you see above) will be wearing sandwich board advertisements throughout SoHo and the West Village in New York City. They'll direct pedestrians to Marc Jacobs stores in the city for a "delightful surprise," although no word yet on what exactly that will be. (Free bag, perhaps?) So follow #MJGotham on Instagram to keep track of the campaign's happenings.

Mark Zuckerberg x H&M

Mark Zuckerberg x H&M. Photo: Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg x H&M. Photo: Facebook

Consider this the Mark Zuckerberg starter pack, complete with seven identical gray T-shirts and a comfy pair of boot-cut jeans. The Facebook founder's style has always been a topic of conversation, so this faux fashion collaboration actually has the potential to exist IRL.

Man Repeller's Contouring Tips

This was a smart move by Leandra Medine's team to make jokes without pissing anyone off. We already know the crazy transformations that contouring can do one's face, so the idea of heightening this trick and applying it to everyday items like a chair into a friend, your hands into feet and a cup of coffee into a bottle of wine really brought the LOLs.

Until next year...

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