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The Shirt That Finally Got Tyler on a Style Bandwagon

It's all about the Power of the Cool Girl™.
Babaton Malik blouse, $85, available at Aritzia.

Babaton Malik blouse, $85, available at Aritzia.

I jokingly tweeted about this the other day, but like most people, I am truly powerless to the sway of a Cool, Pretty Girl™. If you want to sell me something, put it on someone like Alexa Chung or Dakota Johnson and make me believe that owning that thing could potentially make me as effortlessly styled as they are. 

Of course, the only kinds of girls who work at Aritzia are the cool, pretty kind, so naturally that means I regularly end up lusting after their sleek, minimal style. I've been avoiding the off-the-shoulder trend for a while now; it was a great lewk for bloggers, but I could never find something that I felt would work for me. Then I attended the Aritzia press preview, where no fewer than three employees were wearing this cotton poplin top and each one put her own unique spin on it. I promptly left the preview and bought one in each color right on the spot — because, as my mom taught me, if you like something you should buy it in every color. I think it will look great paired with cropped jeans or tucked into a midi skirt. As to whether it will make me as cool as those cool girls, we'll just have to wait and see.

Babaton Malik blouse, $85, available at Aritzia.

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