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The Weird Web Of Connections Behind Beyoncé's 'Elle' Interview

The "exclusive" interview not even "Vogue" could get.
Beyonce's May Elle cover. Photo: Elle

Beyonce's May Elle cover. Photo: Elle

Elle released a preview of its highly anticipated and exclusive cover interview with Beyoncé on Monday, marking the first time the iconic entertainer has spoken on the record in at least two years. She famously denied Vogue an interview for the September 2015 cover and T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2014. 

Page Six dug into the matter and into the profile's author, Tamar Gottesman, whose father, "billionaire hedge fund manager" Noam Gottesman, turns out to be a close friend of Beyoncé and Jay Z . The paper even found a 2011 Daily Mail article which reported the elder Gottesman flew the couple via helicopter during Glastonbury to his home for lunch with his two daughters, Tamar included. Beyoncé and Jay Z also attended Noam Gottesman's wedding in Italy in June. (Reminder: both Bey and Jay skipped Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding, so getting them to show up seems to be a big deal.) 

As if this all wasn't weird enough, there are a few more connections we'd like to point out: Noam married Bianca Dueñas whose sisterMaria Dueñas Jacobs, is the accessories editor at Elle. Unrelated (as of now) bonus fact: Bianca and Maria's brother Diego Dueñas married Emily Weiss in January.

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A quick online search reveals Tamar Gottesman has in the past written for Elle, CR Fashion Book and Editorialist. The full interview can be found in Elle's May issue, available digitally Tuesday, on select newsstands Wednesday and nationwide April 16.

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