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The Hoop Earrings Maria Can Actually Wear Every Day

I have a metal allergy, okay?
Catbird Big Hoop Dream Earrings, $140, available at

Catbird Big Hoop Dream Earrings, $140, available at

With the resurgence of chokers and all things trendy from the '90s and early aughts, I started to think about other items from the past that I would want to add to my everyday wardrobe. That's easy: Hoop earrings. But I would have to find a pair that isn't made of nickel and plated with gold because I have a metal allergy that makes my ears go crazy (in that itchy, irritated way) when it comes in contact with a pair of studs from, say, Topshop or Tom Binns. I've sworn off earrings for years and somehow, my pierced earlobes haven't closed just yet.

Earlier this week, an email showed up in my inbox from Catbird, which had just released an exclusive design of gold hoops. The handmade jewelry is made of 14-karat solid yellow gold, so I can expect zero allergic reactions. (Yay!) Plus, the size is perfect for daily use. They're not too big or too small, and they'll easily dress up any outfit. I plan to stop by the cozy Brooklyn shop this weekend to snag myself a pair, along with replacing an ear cuff — another throwback item — that I sadly lost last weekend.

Catbird Big Hoop Dream Earrings, $140, available at

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