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Christian Siriano Is Officially Launching a Bridal Line

We talked to the designer about turning his custom business into a full-fledged collection.
A brightly-colored sketch from the bridal collection. Photo: Christian Siriano

A brightly-colored sketch from the bridal collection. Photo: Christian Siriano

Some fashion ventures make so much sense, you're surprised to learn that they didn't already exist. The latest example? Christian Siriano, who is partnering with Kleinfeld (of "Say Yes to the Dress" fame) to launch a line of bridal gowns. 

Kleinfeld originally tapped the designer for a capsule range, but thanks to its success, Siriano will host his first-ever bridal show with the retailer on April 18 to launch an official collection. Considering his penchant for fantasy and ability to whip up gorgeous, frothy gowns, it's almost shocking that Siriano didn't branch out into bridal much, much sooner, but as it turns out, the actual business of brides has proved daunting.

"I never really turned it into a collection just because it's such a big undertaking," Siriano tells Fashionista. "It was just one of those things where I was kind like, 'Do we do it? Is it possible? Do we think it's a great business decision?' As my business gets bigger and we have more team and help, I think now is the perfect time."

The designer has been making custom wedding gowns since long before he had his own ready-to-wear line, estimating that he's done hundreds of brides — and when you see the type of work he's done for women like blogger Nicolette Mason, it's not hard to see why he's in demand. Now, lucky brides will be able to get the Siriano bridal experience without the custom price tag. Gowns range from $3,500 to $10,000, and will be available in petite and plus sizes as well. 

A two-tiered design. Photo: Christian Siriano

A two-tiered design. Photo: Christian Siriano

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For the first full collection, Siriano looked to Monet and Degas paintings to capture an impressionistic, romantic feel. But because Siriano also knows his way around a tailored garment, there's clean, minimalist pieces for those looking to capture the designer's cosmopolitan vibes. "We're trying to offer a little something for every woman," he says. "The young bride who wants something sparkly and pretty and princess-y, I want her to be able to get that; and then I want that really cool, downtown girl, who is modern and minimalist, to also be able to find something, because I think that's how brides are now."

Of course, as fun as bridal design can be, it can also prove restrictive: There are classic silhouettes that a majority of brides have come to expect, which means Siriano had to work somewhat within those boundaries. Then there's the question of making the same gowns work for every customer. "How do you make it look luxe and expensive and flattering on different shapes? All of that is a challenge," he says. But he still found a way to work in his own signature design elements — including color.

"I wanted to make sure that they feel 'bridal,' but also a little bit more fashion and not like such a typical beaded dress," he says. "We have that, but there's also some kind of new, innovative techniques that we're using."

At the end of the day, challenges aside, this is another chance for Siriano to help women look chic on their big day and to bring his designs to a wider audience. "It's so great to have such a mix of people in all different shapes and sizes and silhouettes — that's kind of my favorite part," he says. We're willing to bet it will be certain fashion-conscious brides' favorites, too. 

Christian Siriano's full bridal collection will launch April 18.

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