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Fendi Will Stage Its Second Haute Couture Fur Show in Rome

PETA reps are probably prepping as we speak.
Think this, but with even more fur. Photo: Getty Images

Think this, but with even more fur. Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, PETA didn't scare Karl Lagerfeld off by picketing outside of Fendi's first fur-centric couture show last July.

The Italian brand, known for its fur, announced it will be presenting another "haute fourrure" show this summer. The brand made its first haute couture outing last summer in Paris; this time, however, Fendi has chosen its home city of Rome to hose the July 7 presentation and mark the brand's 90th anniversary.

“A Haute Fourrure fashion show in Rome is the best way to celebrate Fendi's 90 years anniversary as it expresses our roots and DNA while transmitting daring creativity and craftsmanship in furs," Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari says in a release.

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The presentation will take place the final day of the haute couture shows in Paris, which will surely present some scheduling conflicts for editors who need to see the high jewelry collections typically presented that day. Still, as these special destination presentations gain in popularity, many editors (and their payroll departments) might just feel grateful to be relatively nearby.

While Fendi's typical fur offerings can clock in at the high five figures, WWD reports that the couture collection brought in orders of up to 800,000 euros — an eye-watering $913,000.

No word yet on whether Fendi's furry mascots will also be getting the haute couture treatment.

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