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Looking Back at Francisco Costa's Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments for Calvin Klein

During his 13 years with the brand, the designer created minimal, elegant evening gowns that allowed their wearer to shine.
Jennifer Lawrence in not Dior. Never forget. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence in not Dior. Never forget. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When you think back on the celebrity dressing achievements for certain designers, you remember specific dresses. But with Francisco Costa, whose 13 years as head of womenswear for Calvin Klein Collection have officially come to an end, you remember specific women and their overall look: Jennifer Lawrence in that orange cross-back gown before Dior bought her soul; Diane Kruger in a form-fitting metallic dress at Cannes; Lupita Nyong'o covered in pearls; Rose Byrne in that sophisticated pink crop top. Without any colorful embroidery, embellishments, prints, volume or avant-garde silhouettes, all that's left is a flattering garment that fits flawlessly and imparts a smart sophistication that allows its wearer to shine. The Brazilian designer proved time and time again that simple doesn't mean boring, and his sensual interpretation of the brand's minimalist DNA has felt especially relevant in recent years. 

Costa saw celebrity dressing as an important part of the business, and as a legacy Klein started and that he successfully continued. He told Bridget Foley in 2013: "When you start dressing celebrities, there's all this talk, 'Oh, he's a celebrity designer.' You know what? Calvin started that. Look at Brooke Shields. Andie MacDowell, right? I'm not doing anything here new. It's just following the great concept that he left us here. I happen to do evening dresses — I love evening dresses."

Looking back on Costa's red carpet oeuvre while at Calvin Klein, it's difficult to find any that were even close to being bad. Still, we narrowed them down to those we believe to be the most memorable and — dare we say? — iconic. Click through the gallery below for a very chic trip down memory lane.

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