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Carrera Seeks Cool People To Hang With Jared Leto

Not just hang, but costar in a campaign.
This image would be great in a poster size. Photo: Alasdair McLellan/Carrera

This image would be great in a poster size. Photo: Alasdair McLellan/Carrera

Italian eyewear brand Carrera knows there's one thing everybody can agree on: Jared Leto, the heartthrob/hair-throb/brain-throb of stage and screen, would be a great hang, and the opportunity to experience such a hang would be irresistible. 

Enter Carrera's new "Maverick" casting call. The Italian eyewear brand is looking for fearless folks from outside the modeling world to star alongside Leto in a 60th anniversary spring 2016 campaign, which it describes as a "creative video project." (Leto first linked up with the brand in January, after they probably noticed his cheekbones were made for shades.) 

Those interested should upload their video entries on the brand's website, and the winners will join Leto on a shoot in Los Angeles. But being a diehard Leto fan isn't enough: Carrera is specifically looking for musicians, athletes and visual artists that embody the "bold, independent [and] unique" qualities of the brand. That means you, spelunkers, underwater basket-weavers and yodelers. 

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Let's have Leto explain: 

To announce the casting call, Leto posed for photographer Alasdair McLellan wearing some of the brand's shades ("Impel" and "Beam," in case you are wondering) while wearing an uncharacteristically casual off-duty look and a fresh brunette 'do. As usual, everything he touches is instantly cooler by definition — a power he also manages to even bestow on Alessandro Michele's already cool Gucci

Think you have what it takes to share the screen with Leto? Carrera's call for entries ends in three weeks, so start figuring out how you're a "maverick" now. Perhaps Leto's insouciant confidence should be your guide: "I think it’s for other people to decide if you're a maverick or not," he said in a statement. "I've always marched to the beat of my own drum." 

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