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Hey, Quick Question: Is Marilyn Manson Back in Fashion?

It is full of beautiful people, after all.
Was this the start of Manson's re-entry into fashion?

Was this the start of Manson's re-entry into fashion?

Welcome to our new column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

You may know Marilyn Manson as an industrial metal star, or, if you were between the ages of 12 and 17 in the late '90s, as that guy who had some ribs removed so that he could autofellate (I need an explainer on how this became a widely-known rumor pre-internet, please). But Manson has spent his career evolving, and even now his form is changing — this time, into a fashion icon?

Here's the deal: Manson has been inspiring the fashion industry since he showed up on the music scene, from that kinda-scary Vogue editorial starring Karolina Kurkova to his turn in a Saint Laurent campaign in 2013. Of course, once you have the Hedi Slimane stamp of approval, everyone else comes calling, which seems to be the case with Manson.

First, he performed at Stella McCartney's #STELLAmoeba Pre-Fall 2016 presentation in Los Angeles this past January. Since then, he's been popping up randomly in fashion Instagrams in our feeds, like this one from model and #influencer Mary Charteris

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But the thing that truly cement's Manson's new status — and I hate to say it! — is the approval of cool #teens. Ultimate Cool Teen™ Lily-Rose Depp posed with him at McCartney's show (her dad is pals with Manson) and Kylie Jenner Instagrammed herself in a vintage Manson tee (mysteriously now-deleted from her own account, but preserved on the many, many style documentation posts she leaves in her wake).

And we haven't even talked about Cool Teen™ leader, Justin Bieber! The Biebs has a reconstructed Marilyn Manson tee from Fear of God that says "Bigger Than Satan" on the back, which is pretty much the ultimate Manson line. Manson responded in kind, wearing a Justin Bieber tee and captioning it "Bigger Than Bieber," and now I don't even know where we are in the cycle, just that Manson is back in a big way.

I am going to level with you: I'm still a little bit afraid of Manson. But like all things '90s, it seems like he's officially back en vogue, and to that I say, Welcome to the dope show!

UPDATE 7/19: You can now purchase Justin Bieber's "Bigger Than Satan" shirt, starring Marilyn Manson, at Barneys New York. The cost? A cool $195. Hey, #merch these days doesn't come cheap.

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