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Victoria's Secret's Latest Bra Line Is Inspired by the Angels' Personal Style

It's all about the bralette.
Martha Hunt styles her Victoria's Secret bralette with a Novis skirt and killer abs. Photo: Getty Images

Martha Hunt styles her Victoria's Secret bralette with a Novis skirt and killer abs. Photo: Getty Images

When Victoria's Secret launches a new product, it typically drums up some buzz by hosting an in-store event for press with an Angel or offering a special deal to loyal customers. But for its new line of bralettes, the brand took things to an entirely new level: It brought in Angels Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, and Martha Hunt for a live-stream direct from Victoria's Secret's Herald Square flagship — something usually reserved to promote its annual fashion show.

"I think it makes so much sense!" Hunt told Fashionista at the end of the event, a first for the brand. "It's very innovative for Victoria's Secret and I hope we got the word out there about the bralettes, they're so cool."

As it turns out, the Angels themselves were a big motivating factor behind Victoria's Secret's latest launch. During the live-stream, the girls said many of the Angels had been asking for a bralette style they could wear on their off-duty days, as the relaxed, padding-free style was more in line with their wardrobes — and thus, more in line with the closets of girls who want to be just like them. "This is a really great step for them," Hunt says. "These are so effortless and modern and cool, and it fits with all the Angels' style, which is what I think their fans want to see."

Perhaps that's why, in another Victoria's Secret first, the models' voices are actually featured in the commercial. Hill, Hosk, and Hunt all thought they were taping interviews for the brand's standard behind-the-scenes features, and were surprised to hear their voices in the short spot. Watching them react, it's clear that they genuinely like each other and support each other — no #squad drama here.

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"[The] hardest times in my career were before I was working with Victoria's Secret, going from Milan to Paris to New York to Philly to Dallas, always by myself," Hunt says, "It's nice to have friends by your side." And as you might have noticed on your Instagram feed last weekend, that friendship goes beyond the job: Hill, Hosk and Hunt were a part of the Victoria's Secret crew that headed to Las Vegas to celebrate newly minted Angel Josephine Skriver's birthday, complete with a boxing match, In'n'Out, and an hours-long bonding session with Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose. 

"When we do trips like that away from work, it's even more of a bonding experience because we're not distracted by the work aspect, so it's really cool for all of us to just let loose and enjoy each other's company," Hunt says. "We made memories that I'm definitely never going to forget."

The only thing that might be forgotten (or at least, left at home)? Those really cool bomber jackets that Skriver had custom-made for the Angels, featuring their names embroidered on the back. "I have to be careful because Elsa said she wore hers to the airport and she got way too much attention," Hunt says with a laugh. She's learned how to keep a relatively low profile at the airport and on the streets of New York with the standard-issue baseball cap and sunnies combo, which still gets her recognized occasionally. But with the full Victoria's Secret bombshell beauty treatment? 

"Oh, then it happens way more often!" she says, laughing. "Then it's like, 'I know you!' and I'm like, 'Do you really?'" 

Watch the full live-stream below, and Victoria's Secret's new bralettes are now available to shop online and in-store.

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