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The 11 Most Stylish Bands to Catch on the Summer Music Festival Circuit

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, here are the fashionable acts you need to catch live.
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Sunflower Bean at the 2015 Northside Festival. Photo: Adela Loconte/Getty Images

Sunflower Bean at the 2015 Northside Festival. Photo: Adela Loconte/Getty Images

Festival fashion fatigue is real. You can only look at so many street-style snaps of girls in barely-there rompers and unbuttoned denim cutoffs before you decide to chuck your own weekend-long pass and seek refuge far away from the dusty grounds of your nearest campground. But if you do decide to brave the brutal heat and the thorny flower crowns, you'll be rewarded with a lineup that's as stylishly inclined as it is musically blessed.

Here are the most stylish acts on the 2016 festival circuit.

Halsey (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza)

Halsey's a style chameleon: She can wear a classic Chanel jacket in the company of Karl Lagerfeld, or she can pull off a throwback Tommy Hilfiger bra top on stage with Justin Bieber. Sometimes she performs in sequin hot pants and very little else; other times, she wears parachute pants and bomber jackets. Because she can effectively wear anything — and because you're there to hear her music anyway — she should be a top spot on your must-see list. Also? Possible Bieber cameo.

Sunflower Bean (Bonnaroo)

At just 18, Julia Cumming is a badass indie rock singer who moonlights as the face of Saint Laurent. But unlike many rising singers who moonlight as runway models (or vice versa), Cumming and her two boy bandmates are legitimately talented, not to mention Pitchfork-approved. She recently shaved off her peroxided bob — all the better to match her punk-kid closet. Expect to see her perform in a thrift-store babydoll dress and beat-up Docs. (Saint Laurent apparently isn't conducive to face-melting.)

Ellie Goulding (Bonnaroo, Glastonbury)

What sets Ellie apart from the rest of the music festival lineup — other than her booming voice, of course — is that she spends as much time on red carpets as she does on stages. She's friends with Taylor Swift, frequently sits front row at fashion week and has a phone full of industry pals. Not a lot of performers will be decked out in designer duds, but Ellie almost definitely will. A departure from the gowns we're used to seeing her in at awards shows, she favors hot pants and crop tops when she's doing concerts. It really is too bad she's not playing Coachella this time around, because she'd fit right in.

Haim (Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Boston Calling)

The hippie-haired, blue jean babes are finally making their return to the stage after skipping out of festivals for the past two years. With them, they're bringing brand-new music — but if Instagram is any indication, their '70s-vibes style will remain the same. Since their debut album dropped in 2013, they've palled around with labels like Fendi and Coach and look increasingly comfortable in head-to-toe designer. But put them back in front of an audience with guitars in their hands, and you can count on loads of Levi's cutoffs and vintage band tees.

Grimes (Coachella, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza)

Grimes has remained an indie music darling, carefully avoiding the "slash style star" epithet. She's managed to avoid the paparazzi's glare while still snagging a hot ticket to the Met Ball and a front row seat at Chanel's couture show. She's also collaborated with Saint Laurent and posed for Teen Vogue's cover, but you get the distinct impression she'd rather be wearing camouflage cargos and a hoodie, both of which she often wears on stage. Either way, expect her signature Manic Panicked locks and a generous dose of glitter makeup.

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Chvrches (Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury)

Lauren Mayberry more or less refuses to talk about fashion during interviews. She demurs at compliments about her personal style, preferring to keep the spotlight on the music, but that hasn't stopped fans from obsessively documenting her personal style online. She dresses a bit like an ASOS model — polka-dot babydoll dresses, structured crop tops, high-waisted short-shorts — but somehow elevates it in a way that would make even Taylor Swift jealous. (Her perfect Audrey Hepburn bangs don't hurt, either.)

Christine and the Queens (Coachella, Governors Ball, Boston Calling)

It's nearly impossible to spot Héloïse Letissier wearing anything other than one of her impeccably tailored signature suits in public. She looks like she was born to wear Saint Laurent's iconic Le Smoking jacket (and she often does!). But when she takes the stage at Coachella in the thick of the desert sunlight, she may have to rethink things — and you should have a front row view for it, because it's bound to be chic.

Florence and the Machine (Sasquatch, Firefly)

It feels almost like an insult to include Queen Florence on a list about something as cliched as festival style, since the ethereally bohemian Brit wore flower crowns decades before you could buy them at a mall store promising Indio style in an instant. She constantly defies trends, and even though her signature floral frocks and bell-bottoms happen to be very now, they're also so thoroughly her. Her custom Gucci wardrobe is bound to get people talking.

Wet (Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Firefly)

Another leading lady who plays it coy when it comes to fashion questions, Wet's Kelly Zutrau looks like her side-hustle is as an Everlane model. She was doing the normcore thing before it was a thing: vintage jeans, flawless crewneck T-shirts, and boxy sweaters that should look frumpy but don't. Another thing she mastered before it was anything? Rich-girl hair.

Leon Bridges (Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza)

The doo-wop singer dresses exactly like he sounds: straight out of the 1950s. It'll be worth it to seek him out on the summer festival circuit, if only to see how his dapper sophistication will translate to rough-and-tumble camping-required outings like Bonnaroo and Sasquatch.

Shamir (Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo)

We'd never promote smoking — especially not among teenagers — but 18-year-old Shamir has perfected the art of the showing-off-a-perfect-manicure-while-lighting-up selfie. Fortunately, that's not where his art ends. He sings what the Guardian calls candy-colored love songs, and he has a wardrobe to match. His graphic-print silk jackets and oversized overalls look like they came straight from the set of "Fresh Prince."

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