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Dhani's Vacation Shopping Has Begun With This Striped One Piece

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Solid & Striped Anne-Marie, $168, available at Solid & Striped.

Solid & Striped Anne-Marie, $168, available at Solid & Striped.

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I went to the aesthetically perfect Beverly Hills hotel and left wanting to throw out everything I own in order to buy exclusively pink, white and green things. Since doing so would be wasteful, unrealistic and insane, I've decided to take baby steps, starting with my swimwear.

The Beverly Hills Hotel actually sells a pink and white striped swimsuit in its gift shop, but it's stupidly expensive and I'd already spent, like, $90 on a salad. Instead, I found this one, which has a cool, vaguely '80s vibe, by Solid & Striped. Having just booked a beach vacation for June, all I can think about is laying around in a (cute) swimsuit. I have plenty of bikinis, but a fun, not-boring one-piece has eluded me until now. (The brand's gingham version is calling my name, too.)

Solid & Striped Anne-Marie, $168, available at Solid & Striped.

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