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Chantal's Spellbinding Woven Pumps

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, might.
Rachel Comey pumps, $485, available at Matches Fashion.

Rachel Comey pumps, $485, available at Matches Fashion.

Hello, my name is Chantal and I am a jet-lagged zombie who just spent a solid two hours looking for black sandals online. I wanted them to be walkable, affordable attractive and not derivative of some designer style. That last variable basically disqualifies everything, it turns out. I look for this kind of shoe every spring, and I rarely find it. Sometimes there's a Madewell or J.Crew option that's good, or a Steve Madden one that isn't a total knockoff. But this season, nothing in the under $200 category feels right even if spending more money than that on shoes is wrong for me. 

And yet, here I am, staring googly-eyed at Rachel Comey open-back woven pumps that would make all my fashion dreams come true. Together we could conquer the world, one dainty footstep at a time. I would pair them with smug confidence, next-day dirty hair and figure-flattering wide-leg pants. I would wear them to important meetings at which I am dewy, not sweaty, and always have an extra pencil. They would accompany me to delightful and spontaneous summer activities, which I am never too tired or too bloated to attend. They would be such a solid investment that I'd wear them every day until I pass them on to my chic descendants, who will be  inspired by my smart purchasing decisions to solve world peace and fix the fashion calendar. The end. 

Rachel Comey pumps, $485, available at Matches Fashion. 

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