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Rihanna's New Music Video Is Basically a 'Spring Breakers' Sequel

Happy 4/20, folks.

Those of you celebrating 4/20 will no doubt be pleased to learn that Rihanna has dropped a brand-new music video for "Needed Me," "just because" of Wednesday's hedonistic holiday. 

Harmony Korine directed the clip, and it's clear he applied many of the thematic elements from his film "Spring Breakers" into the video's aesthetics. That is to say, there's no shortage of motorcycles, bare breasts, firearms, lavish beachfront homes and dimly lit, seedy strip clubs where cash has a habit of soaring into the air. Rihanna, nipples blazing, spends much of the clip's three-odd minutes in a translucent, gauzy gown that looks to be by Dior, perhaps from the house's fall 2015 couture offerings. She wears a pearl choker necklace, too, which is potentially the first time anything remotely waspy has made it into a Korine project. What a time to be alive.

You can watch the full video for "Needed Me" above.

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