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Sarah Snyder, Instagram Star and Girlfriend of Jaden Smith, Is About to Take Over the Modeling World

We're calling it now.
Sarah Snyder at the Calvin Klein fall 2016 presentation. Photo: BFA

Sarah Snyder at the Calvin Klein fall 2016 presentation. Photo: BFA

You've likely already heard of Sarah Snyder (or @sarahfuckingsnyder if you're one of her 572K Instagram followers), either because she's dating Cool Teen™ Jaden Smith — and was spotted making out with him all over New York Fashion Week — or thanks to a pervasive rumor that she stole a $16,000 Birkin bag from a consignment store in upstate New York. (The accusations proved to be false, and in a particularly badass move, she's been spotted in a custom-designed T-shirt with her own mug shot on it.) 

While the 21-year-old beauty is already quite popular for the outfit shots she posts on social media — they often feature "It" items like Vetements's DHL shirt, a Thrasher sweatshirt and Gucci embroidered jeans — she's beginning to make the rounds in the commercial modeling world, as well. On Wednesday night, Snyder posed at the Calvin Klein fall 2016 presentation in New York, where she wore a revealing lingerie number (above) with some lace tights. In addition, she's the face of the upcoming KAWS collaboration with Uniqlo, and an eagle-eyed Maria noticed that she's part of the most recent crop of models featured in's product shots. Before you roll your eyes at that last one, don't forget that once upon a time, Cara Delevingne got her start as an ASOS model.

Snyder is currently represented by Re:Quest model management, but industry rumblings suggest that more well-known agencies have approached her to sign a contract. So, we're calling it now: keep your eye on this one in the seasons ahead.

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