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Attention, Lucasfilm: Taylor Hill Would Like to Be in the Next 'Star Wars' Movie

Or a Sia music video.
Someone get this girl a lightsaber! Photo: Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Someone get this girl a lightsaber! Photo: Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

After a weekend spent partying with her girls at Coachella, Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill stopped by the brand’s Santa Monica store to celebrate the new bralette collection.

While you can’t really talk about models now without dropping their social media cred (at last count, Hill has more than three million Instagram followers), there is something about her fresh-faced, earthy, Midwestern appeal that feels more early Cindy Crawford than media-savvy Instagirl. Born in Indiana and raised in Colorado, the lore is that Hill was discovered in a small-town barn, which is a little different from, say, growing up as an ancillary character on your mom or sisters’ extremely popular reality show, or breaking into the industry on the strength of your last name.

As one of Victoria’s Secret’s most recognizable new faces, it seems like Hill is everywhere lately — most recently, she and her Angel classmates adorned Vogue Spain’s May cover. But when she sat down with us, all Hill had on her mind was model slumber parties, Ice Cube, and her lifelong quest to be an alien.

Was this your first trip to Coachella?

It was my second — but it was super fun! Me and Josephine [Skriver] got a house together. Jasmine [Tookes], Romee [Strijd] and a few of their friends got a house together. Sara [Sampaio] was in and out. They're all like sisters to me so it was basically slumber parties every night.

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What was your favorite performance?

Ice Cube sounded amazing. I didn't get to see Sia, but I heard her from the VIP area and her voice was incredible. Of course Calvin Harris was amazing — Rihanna came out [during Harris' performance] and I was just like, 'oh my God, it's Rihanna' the whole time.

[Former Angel] Doutzen [Kroes] was recently cast in the new "Wonder Woman" movie — do you ever think about acting?

I've actually always wanted to be an alien. So if anyone from "Star Wars" is reading this, I would love to be in the next "Star Wars" as an alien.

I feel like Sia would use an alien in a performance.

Yes! If you're looking for someone to play an alien in a music video, Sia, I'm down.

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